the RECOVERY PROCESS while in Methadone/Suboxone Maintenance Treatment

Medication assisted therapy provides many people suffering with an opioid addiction a new lease on life, as they find a new beginning and step onto the path of recovery.

Recovering from drug addiction is not easy. Recovering from an opioid addiction is especially difficult because of the severe physiological dependence and painful withdrawal symptoms. Many addicted people have tried to quit cold turkey with the intention of never returning to opioid use again. However, due to the severe physical withdrawal symptoms experienced when they quit using, they find themselves seeking the drug that offers relief. Many addicted people give up hope, as they see no way out of this endless cycle.

Opioid Treatment offers a new start and new approach for those who have been trapped in an endless cycle of craving and relief. Opioid replacement therapy eliminates the vicious cycle of withdrawal, drug seeking, finding relief, and repeating this process again and again and again. Once stabilized on Methadone or Suboxone, individuals find that they can easily refrain from illicit opioid use and are freed from this endless chase. They feel better physically, as well as emotionally, and become able to resume their life & responsibilities.

When taken as prescribed, Methadone and Suboxone are safe and effective. Once stabilized on the appropriate dosage, a person’s opioid withdrawal symptoms will end, thus providing an individual with relief and the opportunity to refocus their energy and their life on significant goals.

Some of our patients maintain long term medication assisted therapy, while others choose to gain stability on the medication and slowly taper off. Our physician assists each person in deciding which medication is most appropriate for his or her unique treatment needs, as well as how and when to begin a medically monitored taper. Contrary to popular belief, patients experience a much greater success rate when tapering off Methadone, rather than Suboxone.

All treatment options and information are openly and candidly discussed between patient and treatment staff, allowing the individual to make an informed, educated decision about the recovery path that will best meet his or her unique treatment needs and goals.