Add-Life Recovery's Multi‑faceted Approach to Recovery

individual therapy

Individual Therapy

As effectively as Methadone and Suboxone work, they are not a magical solution by themselves. These carefully administered medications will control your cravings and keep you focused on your recovery, but the physical, professional, and social damage caused by your addiction will still have to be repaired. At Add - Life Recovery Center, we recognize the need for a multi-faceted approach to your recovery. For that reason, we offer individual counseling sessions to our patients. Your licensed counselor at Add - Life Recovery Center may be the single most valuable person in your recovery process.

As the two of you work together and establish a rapport that enhances one-on-one counseling, your shared mutual trust will create the foundation of your successful opiate addiction treatment. Our highly trained, yet compassionate counselors, will never be disappointed in you when learning of your past behaviors. They will, however, use your past obstacles to help you understand your behavior, so you can begin to make valuable changes in your life.

Behavioral therapies used at Add - Life Recovery Center focus on gradually establishing healthy, productive coping behaviors for dealing with life’s daily challenges. Cognitive - behavioral therapy strives to reinforce a person’s sense of self worth while replacing harmful coping skills with healthy ones.

individual therapy sessions for addiction

Our patients find that working one-on-one with our counselors provides the following benefits:

  • Learning to cope with past distressing or disturbing experiences
  • Learning healthy ways to find solutions to family conflicts
  • Learning more effective communication skills
  • Learning to recognize and identify the warning signs of a relapse
  • Attaining realistic personal growth, relationship, educational and employment goals
  • Maintaining strong motivation by focusing on personal reasons for quitting
  • Receiving advice and assistance in navigating a new life free from opioid abuse

Through our individual counseling program, in conjunction with medication therapy, our patients significantly increase their chances at recovery and rebuilding their lives. If you would like to speak with one of our licensed counselors please call us at 903-596-0606. We are only a phone call away to help you get on your road to recovery.

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