stop withdrawals

Methadone/Suboxone TREATMENT

Medically managed Methadone/Suboxone treatment has been proven to be the most successful recovery option for many. By occupying the receptors in the brain affected by opiates, Methadone and Suboxone allow patients to avoid extreme and painful withdrawal. Our medical provider, in conjunction with our medical and counseling staff, make every effort to assess and comprehend your unique history, current situation and treatment needs and goals. Outpatient treatment is safe, effective and less expensive than inpatient treatment, while allowing the patient to maintain employment, as well as family and social relationships.

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individual drug counseling


Cognitive behavioral therapy seeks to identify harmful thinking patterns observed in addiction and replace them with cognitively healthy coping skills. Our licensed counselors gently help each patient identify unhealthy thinking patterns and skillfully approach problem resolution. Patients are assisted in attainable, realistic personal growth, relationship, educational and employment goals.

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family drug counseling


Family involvement has been shown to be critical to the individual patient’s success in outpatient treatment. Family members can either harm or help the recovery process and are given the opportunity to participate in the patient’s treatment process, but only with the written consent of the patient volunteering for treatment. Often, medical and counseling staff can explain to family members the dangers of non-medically medicated withdrawal - similar to those found in a boot-camp setting.

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group counseling

Peer Support GROUP

The support group affords patients the opportunity to obtain peer support, encouragement and validation of feelings; especially those who are attempting to taper their medical dose of either Methadone or Suboxone. The presence of a counseling professional ensures that myths and misinformation about medications or coping mechanisms are not perpetuated.